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£4.39 (inc. VAT)
TIMCO air & gas leak detector is a professional formulation, designed to quickly and reliably detect the smallest leak in pressurised systems. 100% non-flammable, water based solutions will react instantly upon contact with gas and air pressure, forming a stream of bubbles to identify the leak. Water based Reacts instantly upon contact with gas and air pressure, forming a stream of bubbles to identify the leak Complete with an easy-to-use 360° spray nozzle, for precise application in hard to reach and confined spaces
£3.56 (inc. VAT)
TIMCO welder's anti-spatter is specifically formulated to prevent spatter adhesion to welds, working areas and equipment. Eliminates the need to remove unsightly spatter from welds, significantly reducing working time. Can be easily removed after welding Low odour and colourless Silicone and petroleum free, so does not interfere with post-welding coatings
£5.50 (inc. VAT)
TIMCO chain lubricant is designed to penetrate maintain, protect and clean chain, wire rope and moving metal parts. The high viscosity formula gives excellent lubricant retention, preventing "fling off" and unnecessary wear and maintenance. The Molybdenum disulfide additive gives exceptional long lasting friction reduction Prolongs the performance and lifespan of moving metal parts and surfaces Prevents corrosion and reduces dirt and grime build up, even in wet and humid environments
£4.92 (inc. VAT)
TIMCO Copper anti-seize is a premium pure copper lubricant with a graphite additive, suspended in a high quality grease. It maintains and protects stainless steel, cast iron, copper & brass components from high temperatures, corrosion and seizure. The graphite additive allows for easy assembly and dismantling of a wide range of metal applications. Ideal for all automotive, industrial and construction uses including: threaded fasteners, brake pads and calipers, manifolds and exhausts, boiler parts, flanges and pipes. Protects metal against heat, rust, seizure & corrosion Copper formulation resists high temperatures Heat resistant up to +1100°C
£5.33 (inc. VAT)
TIMCO cutting & tapping lubricant is formulated to significantly reduce friction and wear, increase cutting speeds, protect and extend tool life and ensure a consistent high quality surface finish. Contains extreme pressure additives Prevents pitting, galling and metal seizure Improves tool accuracy Suitable for use on hard to work metals including stainless steel, titanium, aluminium and tool steel Complete with an easy-to-use 360° spray nozzle, for precise application in hard to reach and confined spaces
£4.10 (inc. VAT)
A solvent based degreaser, which penetrates, lifts and easily removes heavy oils, grease and tar deposits from most metals and hard plastic surfaces.Ideal for: automotive, industrial, general workshop maintenance, and surface preparation prior to applying paints, sealants and adhesives. Powerful degreasing performance Highly effective at penetrating and lifting unwanted contaminants Immediately emulsifies with water Leaves the surface clean and residue free
£4.10 (inc. VAT)
TIMCO Silicone Lubricant is specifically formulated for long lasting, low odour and non-staining lubrication of plastic, vinyl and rubber materials and components.Ideal for: Window seals and slides, runners, bearings, O-rings, textile equipment and more. Low odour Long lasting No heavy hydrocarbons that can cause cracking, squeaking, splitting and hardening Heat resistant from -50°C to +200°C
£4.52 (inc. VAT)
TIMCO white lithium grease is an opaque viscous lubricant with a non-thinning heat resistant formulation to ensure long term performance. Highly visible Extremely effective in areas requiring water resistance Heat resistant from -20°C to +140°C
£3.95 (inc. VAT)
TIMCO multi-purpose lubricant has been developed to penetrate, loosen, maintain, protect and clean metal surfaces. Premium quality oil suspended in a low viscosity dispersing fluid Specially formulated to rapidly penetrate into hard to reach areas Excellent moisture repelling properties Maintains lasting performance of a variety of metal components Heat resistant from -50°C to +200°C